Movera - the best friend of motorhomes, caravans and hikers

Movera offers a wide range of motorhome and camping equipment including tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, chairs, tables, cookware, electrical equipment and more.

Advantages of Movera products:

  • Quality products made from the best materials
  • A wide range of products so that everyone can find something suitable for themselves
  • Competitive prices

You can find the best selection in the new 2024a MOVERA catalog:

Link to the Movera 2024 downloadable catalog (in PDF format, in German):

At the moment we can offer up to -20% discount, take the opportunity and order everything you need before the start of the season.
During the season, the desired part may not be available quickly, and waiting times are often longer and prices more expensive.

Come visit us and discover how to make your outings and hikes even more comfortable!