About us

Hello to all camper owners!

Our team is happy and excited to inform you about a new camper van maintenance and repair shop that is located in Tänassilma district. We are ready to offer you the best full service to ensure that your camper is in good condition and ready for new adventures.


Maximum customer satisfaction is our priority. We take professional care of your vehicle to ensure a safe and worry-free journey.


The customer can always turn to us with their concerns, we are sure to find a quick and best solution to every problem.


Kiire asjaajamine ja professionaalne teenindus on meie tööpõhimõte. Töötame alati kliendi huvidest lähtuvalt.

The large 1000 square meter new workshop is equipped with everything you need. Technical specialists can solve all kinds of questions related to motorhomes, whether they are related to the residential part of the car, the technical side of the vehicle or the installation of additional equipment. The vehicle lift in the workshop are large and powerful enough to lift large, heavy and long cars, ensuring that all maintenance and repairs can be carried out, including bridge adjustments. The Flameko team has over 20 years of experience in the field of car maintenance, ensuring the best service for your camper van.

Our goal is to ensure that your camper van is always in good condition and ready for new adventures. The specialists of the maintenance and repair workshop are ready to answer all questions and find a suitable solution.

Flameko's new Tänasilma workshop has all the necessary equipment, tools, devices, computers and diagnostic equipment.

We have a large and spacious dedicated room where we offer maintenance, repairs, installation of accessories, bodywork and painting of motorhomes - including in case of insurance. You can also ask us for a quote on the necessary spare parts also.
Our team is trained and competent and ensures a high-quality full service for your camper.

It doesn't matter to us what brand or age your motorhome is, nor does it matter what manufacturer the housing part is or what manufacturer the car itself is. Everyone is welcomed and waited to our maintenance and repair shop.

In short, we are ready to provide the best full service for your motorhome so you can continue your adventures without worry. Visit us at Lepatriinu tee 8, Jälgimäe.

We are very happy to announce that we are official partners for the brands ALDESolaraDometicTrumaThetfordMoveraCinderella, LMC, Etrusco and AL-KO.

ALDE - Service Partner
Solara -module.komponenten.systeme
Dometic - Service partner
Cindrella - incinerating toilet
AL-KO - Quality for life

We can offer maintenance, repair and warranty services for all equipment from these manufacturers, regardless of the brand, age, and place of purchase of your motorhome or caravan!

If your vehicle is still in the warranty period, you do not need to go to the dealership for problems with these brands, but you can contact us directly and we will solve your warranty-related concerns efficiently, quickly and professionally.

In addition to motorhomes and caravans, we also welcome all vans, as we are ready to receive and service large cars.

Whether your vehicle is a motorhome, caravan or van - our team is ready to take care of your vehicle.

Welcome to the world of motorhome, RV and van maintenance and repair!

All Flameko Camper services:

  • Superstructure maintenance and repair works for mobile homes and caravans.
  • Sales and installation of accessories.
  • Repair and maintenance of refrigerators  
  • Pre- or post-purchase consultation service for motorhomes and caravans
  • Vaata kogu nimekirja

Flameko Car Service Laagri and Flameko Camper:

Lepatriinu tee 8, Laagri

On weekdays: 09.00–18.00
+372 54 100 101
+372 54 100 103

+372 54 100 102


Flameko Car service Mustamäe

Seemne 4, Tallinn

On weekdays: 09.00–18.00
+372 534 76 101 
+372 534 76 104

Sale of spare parts:
+372 534 76 105