Thetford is a company based in the Netherlands that specializes in the manufacture of equipment for motorhomes and caravans.

Thetford: Quality sanitary ware for your comfort

Thetford are known as one of the leading manufacturers of quality sanitary products, particularly for motorhome and caravan owners. The company is committed to providing innovative and durable solutions that ensure greater comfort and functionality in your vehicle. Thetford product range includes cassette toilets, chemical toilets, water tanks, waste containers, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, faucets, etc. They are designed to be easy and efficient to use, making them an ideal choice for mobile homes.

Water tanks and chemical toilets are designed to meet the needs of travelers ensuring that water and sanitation are not a concern even far from home.

Flameko Camper: Your reliable Thetford partner

Flameko Camper is an official Thetford representative and offers access to quality products with professional installation and maintenance when required.

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