Truma - Sinu matkaauto ja haagissuvila mugavuse looja.

Truma - the creator of comfort for your motorhome and caravan.

Truma is a German-based company whose main focus is the production of gas appliances and air conditioners, with motorhomes, caravans and boats in mind. Truma is known for its high quality and reliable products and has become extremely popular with motorhome and caravan owners.

Why to choose Truma?

Truma is known for its gas heating and hot water systems that ensure comfort even in cool weather conditions. They also offer air conditioners that keep the interior of the vehicle pleasant, thus ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

The company constantly focuses on innovative energy-saving technologies that help reduce fuel costs and make vehicle use more efficient.

Flameko Camper - Your Truma partner.

We are proud to be the official partner of one of the leading names in the motorhome and caravan world - TRUMA. Our mission is to provide all Truma equipment and necessary spare parts, as well as installation, maintenance, repair and warranty services, so that your vehicle is always in top condition.

Quality maintenance for all motorhomes - without limits!

We do not set restrictions on the make, age, place of purchase or the manufacturer of the housing part of the vehicle. Anyone who needs help with questions and concerns related to Truma equipment is welcome to visit our service and repair shop. Since we are Truma's official partner, you can safely contact us even if the vehicle is still under warranty.

Book an appointment and we will take care of your vehicle!