Cinderella WC - Kiire, märkamatu ja murevaba käitlus

Welcome to the world of Cinderella WC, a unique place where the king feels like royalty even when he walks!

Why not bring luxurious comfort and ecological sustainability to your motorhome, caravan, boat, cabin, small house, small hotel, cottage, campsite, camping site or, for example, a place that is difficult to access?
With the Cinderella toilet system, it's easier than ever!

Cinderella WC - Fast, unobtrusive and worry-free handling

Forget traditional and inconvenient toilets that depend on sewage, water and a can truck. Cinderella WC gives you the freedom to install it wherever you want, without worrying about the limitations of sanitary systems. Cinderella WCs are waterless (no risk of freezing) and run on electricity or gas.
When the user uses the toilet, the excrement falls into the combustion chamber, where it is burned at very high temperatures. This process destroys bacteria and viruses, leaving only a small amount of ash. The ash is safe and can be easily removed. Cinderella toilets are available in different sizes and models. Some models are equipped with additional features such as ventilation and odor control.

Why choose Cinderella WC?

  1. Ecological sustainability: The Cinderella toilet system uses energy-efficient technology to turn the result of a person's use of the toilet into safe and environmentally friendly compost. This significantly reduces your ecological footprint.
  2. Easy to use: Cinderella WC is extremely easy and convenient to use. You don't have to worry about complicated processes or cleaning jobs. Everything happens automatically.
  3. Traveling independently: Cinderella WC allows you to travel independently. You are no longer dependent on public sanitary systems or need separate sewage solutions.
  4. Quality and reliability: Cinderella is known for its high-quality, durable systems designed to last for years. (decades?)

Now is the time to bring Cinderella to the toilet in a motorhome, caravan, boat, cabin, small house, campsites, cottage, camping site, temporary residence or in an area that is difficult to access.

Bring the innovative comfort, ecological economy and freedom that the Cinderella WC offers to your travels. Cinderella takes your "situation" to a new level, where everything is clean, simple and comfortable.

It doesn't matter where the trouble comes from, but you do!

We are waiting for you to get acquainted with our Cinderella sample.